Zheng Bo/Gao Ling analyze their loss
2007-11-23 18:46:00   鯖安佛腎

  (Guangdong, November 23) November 23 saw the quarterfinals of the 2007 China Open Badminton Championships, in which the first seeded pair Zheng Bo/Gao Ling was outplayed by Sudket/Saralee from Thailand and thus lost their chance to have a place in the semifinal.

  Zheng/Gao easily beat the Thailand duo in the four-country invitational held in Foshan last week, but lost today's match. As Gao put it, "We took it easy in that match because it was an invitational, while as the China Open is an Olympic accumulation score tournament, our rivals had a much stronger hankering for victory." Sudket/Saralee, who were on form soon after the start of the first set, maintained their lead in the first half of the match, but were caught up by Zheng/Gao in the second half until the two sides evened at 19-19. However, at a critical moment, Zheng had a rush shot away from the net, which resulted in the loss of Zheng/Gao in the set 22-24. The Chinese pair who came to find their sense of the shuttle won the second set with an overwhelming score, 21-8. The two sides had a close contention at the start of the final set, with the score rising from 1-1 to 6-6. Zheng/Gao kept a 2-score or so lead after turning the score to 8-6. In the final contesting period, Zheng/Gao almost clinched the chance to win with 20-18, a score which was soon evened by their tenacious contestants, who triumphed at last with 24-22.

  In spite of defeat, Zheng said that they were not too out of gear on the whole, "After all, we were playing in our normal form. We lost the match mainly because of the failure to handle some critical shots. Also, we were somewhat slack as we had outdone our rivals in the preceding four-country invitational."

  Gao, from another perspective, thought that their defeat opened their eyes to their own shortcomings. After all, the matches now are preparations for the Beijing Olympics, "This match drew our attention to the fact that our tactics and techniques still want improvement. For instance, Zheng Bo shall strictly carry out a strategy for winning a match once it is decided instead of hesitating and shifting from one way to another."