Zhu Lin lost due to physical strength
2007-11-23 18:51:00   CIS

(Guangzhou, November, 23) On November 23, in the Women's singles 1/4 final of the China Badminton Super Series, Malaysia's Mew Choo Wong beat the World Champion Zhu Lin by wining two sets continuously after losing one. After the match, Zhu Lin said that physical strength and speed was the key reason to this loss.

"Recently I played in a lot of matches and I'm lack of systematic training in physical fitness. Moreover, I played three sets in the previous two matches. In the last half section of the second set I could hardly gaze at the ball." Losing the match, Zhu Lin sat in the training hall sweating and was surrounded by numerous media persons. "Her performance is very well today. She saved a lot of unexpected ball. I was very passive and was controlled by her due to failure to break through her speed." Zhu Lin explained.

Mew Choo WONG, a 24-year-old pulling and punching player, boasts very strong running capacity. In the first set the two players had fierce contest. Zhu Lin won the first set with final two key balls with 21-18. After changing the side, Zhu Lin fell behind at the beginning with 1-9 and eventually lost the set with 9-21, for which Zhu Lin said, "I largely fell behind, thus at the second half of the second set I had a bit feeling to abandon the second set for the third one."

However, in the decide set, Zhu Lin made lots of initiative mistakes which let her fall behind with 2-9. "In fact, at the very beginning of the third set, my vigor was quite adequate, but after decline in physical strength, I could not keep pace with the match and tried to control the ball as usual. But certainly I felt different. Furthermore, I was too strict with my self, thus I made many mistakes."

After changing the side with 11-3 by opponent, the match seemed hopeless for Zhu Lin. "Because it is 21 points, it is very difficult to catch up after falling behind, particularly in the decider with large scores falling back." Finally, Zhu Lin lost one more set with 13-21. Zhu Lin said she will continue with her systematic training and prepare for a next match. "Then I have the Hong Kong Open which is also Olympic integral race. I hope I can quickly adjust myself and play better in the future."