Chong Wei Lee: patience helps me win Chen
2007-11-25 00:08:00   CIS

(Guangzhou, November 24) Today saw the conclusion of the men's singles semifinal of the 2007 China Open Badminton Championships. Chong Wei Lee from Malaysia, who outplayed Chinese Chen Jin 2-1, remarked afterwards that the match was "too hard".

In contrast with the match against Indonesian Sony in the quarterfinal, Lee seldom initiated offenses in this match; instead, he just waited for Chen's offense. Lee handled many of Chen's offenses which looked almost impossible to resist and saw scoring opportunities by discovering flaws in his opponent's offenses. Lee said, "My forte is in defense and was well exercised today, with only very few misplays."

Lee does not choose offense because of his stamina. In his own words, "My stamina has declined a great deal. I feel very tired after participating in too many tournaments. So I have to resort to patience to gain every score. As I have slowed down, I have few tactics. I just maintain my patience to reduce misplays." It is justified to say that Lee's victory over Chen resulted from Lee's ability and his steady form.

Lee will continue his difficult journey through the championships by taking on Bao Chunlai from China in the final, a player who has been a runner-up in three past competitions. When asked whether he would do a favor to the host country and give up the title to Bao, Lee said, "Bao Chunlai and I are good friends out of the competition court but rivals inside it." The most recent clash between the two players was in the French Open final one month ago, when Lee trounced Bao to win the first place. Recalling that match, Lee said that it was Bao's too many misplays that helped him to win, "I had many tactical variations in that match. I didn't seek opportunities for attack, but let Bao initiate his attack, which led to many of his misplays."

This time, according to Lee, was different, "It's my first play in a China Open final. It's also very hard for me to win the championship. In addition, my contestants in past tournaments were all top shuttlers. It's very tiring to take on each. So I'll just do my best in the final."