Mew Choo Wong reveals her secret to win
2007-11-25 19:43:00   CIS

(Guangzhou, November 25) On November 25, 2007, in the Women's single final of the China Open Badminton, Malaysian player Mew Choo Wong won the champion by beating Chinese player Xie Xingfang 2-1. This match is of the highest level among the matches in which Mew Choo Wong won champions.

In view of the score records of matches between the two players, Xie Xingfang won more successes and her sole loss was in the World Championships held in Malaysia in this August. Moreover, Xie defeated Mew Choo Wong in their latest match-French Open. Therefore, for the winner of this champion, the public leans to Xie.

However, the process of the match was out of expectation. In the first set, Mew Choo Wong won with 21-16. In the second set, Xie changed her tactics and soon set the pace, finally Xie won this set with 21-8. "In the second set her (Xie Xingfang) speed was fast and I could hardly follow her pace." Mew Choo Wong said that when Xie changed her tactics in the second set she still used the previous ones, thus she quickly fell into a passive situation, "She almost controlled the situation, and then I gave up this set."

The third set is the decider one. Mew Choo Wong said that it was hard for her at the beginning. "At the beginning of the third set I was also in a tumultuous situation. I even did not know how to cope with her. And I felt that my performance was not as stable as in the first set." Xie changed the side of the playground with 11-8, after which Mew Choo Wong won a draw with 13-13. "At that time, I did well on aspect of mind control. I told myself that I went through hardships to enter the final, therefore I could not give up and I must try my best to leave myself no regrets." Finally, Mew Choo Wong won this set with 21-17 and won the champion.